How Do You Showcase Company Values in Your Job Postings?


How Do You Showcase Company Values in Your Job Postings?

As a job candidate narrows down their selection of potential employers, the first question on their mind is “What’s in it for me?”

This is not to say people are selfish or narcissistic – just that they’re being sensible in terms of making the right company match. In fact, they’re likely being altruistic – because when their personal values align with those of your organization, they can then feel secure that you’ll support the same ideals, causes and mission that they do.

So, starting with your job postings, the importance of hiring for mission and value alignment cannot be overstated. When employees feel this connection, they also feel inspired to consistently contribute their best efforts. Conversely, without it, employee engagement, loyalty and performance will suffer. And, as a result, so will your business.

Start With Your Mission Statement

Your mission statement should clearly define your company’s most important purpose as a business. It should answer the questions, “Who are we? What do we do? And why do we do it?” And every project, initiative and team goal should link directly to that mission.

  • Employees can only be aligned with your company mission, vision and values if they have a defined purpose that gives their company and their work meaning. Articulate your core values clearly and regularly. They are the guiding lights of your organization. As your mission defines the who, what and why, your core values express how you do what you do.
  • The most effective core values support your company mission and shape its culture. Together, your mission and values compose your company’s unique identity and way of operating. In organizations with the strongest mission and value alignment, every employee understands exactly how their individual work contributes to the bigger success picture.

Now, About Those Job Postings …

To truly ingrain your mission and values into your recruitment process, share them at every candidate touchpoint, starting with your job postings. This demonstrates your commitment to them and gives job seekers an opportunity to assess their own alignment. You can conduct further evaluation during interviews,

  • Values and company culture must be clearly communicated right from the start. Not only is it better for an organization to hire people with shared goals, priorities and aspirations, but it also saves money, as the longevity of an employee is typically tied to how well they fit into a company. A bad hire means a whole new recruiting drive, which is costly and time-consuming.

For insight into defining, communicating and embedding your mission, vision and values into all your company does, starting with your hiring strategy, contact Haley Marketing today. Let’s talk on a free 30-minute review of your four pillars of recruitment marketing – career sites, job advertising, social recruiting, employer branding.


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