The Ping Pong Table Isn’t Culture: Focus on These Areas Instead


The Ping Pong Table Isn’t Culture: Focus on These Areas Instead

If you were to ask 25 people what company culture was and how to improve it, you’d probably get 25 different answers. And that’s understandable, because there are many facets, elements and nuances to culture and its makeup. But in essence, company culture is how you do what you do in your workplace.

Simple, yet profound. Culture is the sum total of your organization’s formal and informal systems, behaviors and values, all of which contribute to the overall experience of your employees and customers. It’s something people can feel, even as newcomers to your business. And it’s something you can always make better – but not just through window dressing or buying into the latest workplace design fad. True cultural development comes through authentic communication, strong connection with all your team members, and showcasing how you constantly and effectively adapt to change.

The Culture/Communication Connection

How you handle internal communication impacts your employees’ ability to work effectively, process their feelings about their work, and build constructive coworker relationships. In a nutshell, as long as you communicate authentically, your culture will grow stronger.

  • The Harvard Business Review has deep dived into the culture/communication connection. In one report, HBR illustrated how communication provides a clear look into a company’s culture. And, another HBR article assessed complaints about communication and their impact on broader cultural issues.
  • A recent joint study by the Academic Society for Management and Communications and the University of Vienna concluded that the nature of communication from managers matters even more to employees than physical location – news to note as the business world has been changed, perhaps irrevocably, by the pandemic of the past two years.

Will there ever be a return to pre-pandemic work environments? It’s probably unlikely, but only time will tell. The bottom-line message to business leaders and their talent managers is: be prepared to adjust accordingly. And this means being even more authentic, emotional and transparent when it comes to communicating and building employee/employer connections.

The Fix

To build your company culture and enhance your employer brand:

  • Start by asking your employees about their experiences and what they need from you. Get their feedback and actively listen to their thoughts, ideas and insights. You can do this through a number of methods including surveys, emails, and company media. The results will help you make informed decisions and be more transparent as you improve and move forward.
  • Utilize channels that meet employees where they are. Facilitate information dissemination and dialogue in ways that work best for your team members. As you develop your message points, include a focus on how your company has adapted to the seismic changes of the past two years, for the ultimate goal of improving the employee experience and investing in their growth and security.

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