How to Make Social Media Content More Inclusive


How to Make Social Media Content More Inclusive

The tone and sensitivity your brand conveys, as well as the content itself, is critical when it comes to diversity and inclusion. And job candidates’ awareness of your commitment to D&I – or lack of it – is just as acute as every other consumer’s. Probably even more so, as they make a decision about which organization to which they’ll devote their time, talents and sense of ownership.

  • Job seekers and customers alike expect the organizations they work for or otherwise support to not only advocate D&I, but to take a stand on social and political issues. According to one report, 70 percent of consumers validate this importance. And 67 percent believe brands are effective at building awareness around important public issues when they speak out on social media specifically.

Focus on steps to integrate diversity, inclusion and equity into your social media recruitment strategies.

  • Apply diverse voices on your brand’s social platforms. Seek out and share user-generated content from employees to improve representation of various genders, ethnicities, nationalities and gender and sexual orientations. For instance, if your company is on Instagram, you may want to invite employees to “take it over” for a day or longer to share their experiences working at your company. At the heart of true inclusion is ensuring that everyone feels seen and heard.
  • Use images that capture the true range of diversity at your company. This not only reflects your brand’s commitment to D&I, but can make a difference as candidates who are considering applying for your jobs see people who look like them already part of your team.
  • Make sure your posts use proper terminology. Make sure all your social copy includes the proper terms and is as considerate as possible when referring to diverse populations. You may want to consider using alex, a free online tool that helps you identify and eliminate any gender-favoring, polarizing, race-related or other unequal verbiage. Make your posts compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by adding alt text to any posts that include visuals.
  • Celebrate diverse observances. As you use your social channels to celebrate holidays throughout the year, remember to include those that commemorate dates of importance to your D&I efforts. This calendar can help you get started.
  • Focus on volunteerism. Tell stories of your employees and company supporting community volunteer efforts. This gives you an opportunity to promote nonprofit organizations at the same time you show the world your team and what they – and you – care about. If your brand is making a financial commitment, communicate that as well. Follow up by showing how the money has been donated or spent.

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