Facebook Jobs is Going Away: Now What?


Facebook Jobs is Going Away: Now What?

The inevitable is about to happen: Effective February 22, Jobs on Facebook as you now know it will come to an end. This feature allowed businesses to post job vacancies on their page so they were visible to anyone who visited it, and so they would appear on the feeds of users who liked that page.

If you want to read the full details, you can do so at Facebook’s Business Help Center. But here are the basics:

  • Job Groups will become General Groups.
  • Partner integrations, used to increase exposure to jobs, will disappear.
  • The Jobs on Facebook browse will no longer be available on the Facebook Lit app or mobile website.

Oh No! What’s an Employer To Do?!

The decision has been made and this change is in motion. There’s nothing you can do about it – except adapt. Because you need one more thing to adapt to at this point right? But hey, we’ve all gotten good at it!

  • Find other ways to drive traffic to your job postings. Look at boosting them to gain more visibility or running more comprehensive campaigns.
  • Strengthen your Facebook following. If it’s weak, no one will see your jobs organically. So invest in building it. Start by focusing on your value proposition for candidates. Why would they want to follow you? Then identify your top ads and leverage them to add further strength.
  • Enhance engagement. To succeed on Facebook, you need to make its algorithm work for you. Regardless of your number of page likes, Facebook may only show a limited number of people your posting. And if no one engages with it, that may be your total reach. So, continuously look for ways to make your posts more engaging. Good tactics include using humor and getting your team involved in sharing and commenting. Above all else, keep your posts authentic.
  • Stop being quite as “job” focused. Instead of relying on a specific job post to drive interest, outline all the amazing reasons your company matches job seekers with the right opportunities. Use various social platforms, including Facebook, to garner positive reviews. Build endorsements and a referral system. Make content about the experience your team provides, not about one specific position.
  • Rely on sources besides Facebook. Don’t dismiss Facebook all together. But broaden your strategy to encompass other sources as well. Take advantage of the latest technology to get the most bang for your recruitment marketing buck. You might want to start with one or more of these resources:
  • Leverage your ATS. You may already have a gold mine of candidates in place. Look at creative ways to leverage this data and re-engage with them. Use platforms like Sense or Herefish to see who’s currently out there and ready to work. Launching a reactivation or referral campaign is a great way to reinvigorate your audience by asking them to update their information, job preferences, or interest in talking to you.

As you roll with the changes when it comes to job advertising – as well as other aspects of your recruitment marketing plans – Haley Marketing is here to help. Contact us today to speak to one of our specialists and get a free assessment and advice for your business.

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