What Are Candidates Searching For? Changing Job Titles Led to 4X Applications


What Are Candidates Searching For? Changing Job Titles Led to 4X Applications

The Challenge:

An apartment staffing company in the southeast recruits on the property management side and also on the maintenance side. They were struggling to find candidates in both areas, but especially with their property management openings.

Jobs for leasing consultants brought a small amount of applications, not enough to fill all of the open job orders for their clients!

All jobs had similar titles, but that doesn’t mean candidates are searching for those job titles.

The Solution:

Conducting research, our recruitment marketing team found data that revealed some awesome takeaways for implementation:

  • Not only were candidates searching for “leasing consultants” but they were also searching for “leasing agent.”
  • During the summer of 2021, candidates were literally going to the job boards and typing “now hiring” or “hiring immediately.”

Combining those two pieces of research, our recruitment marketing team used the automation of programmatic software to turn one job title (leasing consultant) into six job titles (leasing consultant, leasing agent, leasing consultant now hiring, leasing consultant hiring immediately, leasing agency now hiring, and leasing agent hiring immediately.

The Results:

Using the initial job title with the research of trends by jobseekers, it brought awesome results without needing to increase budget.

  • Month 1: 76 applications ($7.08 CPA)
  • Month 2: 237 applications ($4.03 CPA)
  • Month 3: 385 applications ($3.08 CPA)

Not only were more applications being delivered but the cost per application decreased significantly. In just two short months, applications increased by 406% and the CPA decreased by 56.6%. (in that first month, we weren’t spending the budget because it wasn’t reaching enough candidates. Our expansions brought the jobs to more candidates, increased reach, and delivered applications.)

Managing job spend and your recruitment budget is hard. Technology makes it easier, but it has to be the right technology with the right people managing the budget and the software. Our recruitment marketing team at Haley Marketing can do both!

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