Adding Just One Word Increased Trucking Applications By 42 Percent


Adding Just One Word Increased Trucking Applications By 42 Percent

The Challenge:

A transportation staffing agency in California battles all the common challenges in finding top talent to fill its open trucking jobs. Incredible amount of opportunities but just not enough candidates.

Any edge gained in recruitment can be huge for a transportation staffing agency. In working with Haley Marketing, this company trusted our team to manage its monthly Indeed spend ($10,000/month) to get the most ROI.

What are some areas that result in trying to find that slight edge? One of them is in testing different job titles. By conducting research into what candidates are searching on Indeed, testing different job titles can lead to some awesome results, as we see for this trucking staffing company!

The Solution:

The original job titles for this company focused on “CDL Class A Driver” or “Class A Driver”.

What did we change? We added the work “truck” before every single job title. Why? The research showed that candidates were just going to Indeed and searching “Truck driver”. They weren’t searching for any specific class or type of trucking job. They just searched “truck driver”

In using programmatic software, our team could sponsor the base job of “Class A Driver” and then also sponsor a variation of the job that showed “Class A Truck Driver” to the candidate. By automating that process, it made the testing much simpler and more efficient.

The Results:

Making this change in the middle of the month led to some awesome results! The mid-month change delivered a 42% increase in applications with a 12% decrease in application cost – the perfect combination!

Moving forward, this transportation staffing company puts “truck” in every job title. All because of the research done by the recruitment marketing team at Haley Marketing, a simple data-driven test brought more applications at a lower cost in a hyper-competitive industry.

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