3 Templates to Create for Your 2022 Social Media Strategy


3 Templates to Create for Your 2022 Social Media Strategy

Social recruiting should be an essential part of your hiring strategy for 2022 and beyond. It’s an invaluable tool for sourcing talent faster – not just any talent, but the right talent. It will help you build relationships with desired prospects, and outrun your competition in today’s unprecedently daunting job marketplace.

Some General Tips

As you design or refresh your social recruitment strategy, remember to:

  • Post regularly to all your profiles.
  • Share content that resonates with your preferred candidates and showcases your company values and mission.
  • Strive for the most visually impactful content possible.

And remember, it’s called social media for a reason. Be social! Interact and foster genuine conversations.

  • LinkedIn and Facebook remain among the leaders in where you should be actively participating. Twitter, Instagram, TikTok (yes TikTok) and SnapChat all have their benefits as well.

How Templates Can Help

As you fine tune your social recruiting approach for the New Year, templates can help you save time and money as you keep your content fresh and engaging. Here are three areas where templates can help you achieve your ultimate social recruiting goal: Getting desired candidates to click on Apply:

  1. Employee Testimonials

Posts can stand on their own, be part of a series, or be paired with blog posts and/or videos for a more extensive, storytelling campaign to showcase your talent brand. Candidates love to learn who their peers would be if they came to work for you – and to get endorsements directly from them. This content carries way more credibility – and thus, leads to higher potential results – than anything your C-suite could manufacture.

  1. Fun Facts About Your Workplace

See above – with a fun twist. You might want to start “Friday Fun Facts” or a similar campaign to provide a peek into employees interacting, relating to one another, and last but not least, simply enjoying themselves as part of their workplace experience. Tip: Here’s where you can really capitalize on engaging video content.

  1. Sparkling Job Postings

Utilize templates that effectively highlight your brand as it relates to your specific openings. Showcase your company’s personality, while enticing prospects to apply.

Need help with those templates or other aspects of your social media strategy? Consider partnering with the recruitment marketing team at Haley Marketing as one of your New Year’s resolutions. We can help you optimize your ROI and get the right people applying for your jobs, regardless of any ongoing market challenges or uncertainties. Contact us today to schedule a free, 30-minute marketing focus call.


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