How Long Does it Take to Follow Up with a Candidate?


How Long Does it Take to Follow Up with a Candidate?

Engaging job candidates throughout your hiring process is the best way to set your company apart as their employer of choice. This takes on a whole new level of importance during the current Great Resignation of 2021, where the last several months have seen a tidal wave of resignations.

One of the leading complaints candidates have in their job search process is a lack of feedback from potential employers. When you make keeping in touch with candidates a priority through transparent communication with everyone in your talent pipeline, it goes a long way toward making them feel respected and appreciated.

  • Put yourself in your candidates’ shoes. When on the job hunt, the worst feeling is the uncertainty that comes with applying for a position and then not hearing anything from the employer. And word spreads quickly. Before long, you’ve not only damaged a candidate relationship before you’ve even fully developed it, but you’ve also hurt your brand.

Keep Top Talent in the Loop

Alert candidates of the status of their application and any decisions you have made, ASAP. Never leave them hanging. Provide this prompt follow-up to every applicant, whether you plan to hire them or not.

  • Avoid the Small World Syndrome. The internet and social media have changed the game on your ability to control how you maintain your reputation. The same individuals who apply for your jobs will likely be those who populate your community and/or influence your customers’ buying decisions and choices.

Automation is Your Friend

If the scope of thorough follow-up seems daunting, put automation to work as part of your candidate communication plan. Options include:

  • Sense: This talent engagement platform enables you to automate time-consuming manual tasks, personalize email and text messaging, and track and analyze trends, pulses, and other relevant metrics. Sense texting tools blend centralized record keeping and customized work flows that integrate with your ATS, so your team is left with much less manual work.
  • Herefish: This is another reliable platform for making automation personal. It enables you to automate candidate follow-up throughout your recruitment process and drive revenue from your ATS. It helps your recruiters stay on top of messaging, updating candidate fields, sending surveys, and more. You can also use it to reach out to older candidates in your system as you build your pool of engaged talent.

Find the automation that works for you and combine it with human outreach to every member of your talent pipeline to keep your prospects strong and your employer brand sterling.

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