Does Your Career Site Need Specific Landing Pages?


Does Your Career Site Need Specific Landing Pages?

A recruitment post-click landing page is designed with specific conversion goals: to find the right talent for your business and increase applications from desired candidates. So, if your career site doesn’t already have specific landing pages, then yes, you need to change things up and make it happen.

During your hiring process, your goal of converting candidates into applicants is less likely to be realized if you stop at linking them to a general jobs listing page. Instead, connect them to a landing page for a much better chance at them taking prompt action.

  • A landing page can be used via a targeted ad or email campaign to spotlight a specific position. For instance, it can be a place to capture interest from prospects for your robust internship program, or reach registered nurses versus CNAs versus medical assistants.
  • Landing pages enhance the candidate experience. They reach specific populations and give prospects an opportunity to submit contact information for your team to easily follow up, without making potential hires explore your entire site and find it themselves.

What exactly is a landing page?

Career sites and landing pages are similar on the surface, but their designs have different functions. A landing page typically has more minimal content with a very specific purpose.

  • Landing pages are activated based on user click origin; for instance, from an email or social media post. They are the specific sites a candidate goes to from a link.
  • While landing pages are not primary web pages, the two can live in the same domain name.
  • Because a landing page capitalizes on a targeted flow of action with highlighted content and fewer distractions, candidates appreciate the quick, efficient experience. It eliminates any confusion and clearly tells them what to do.

Create a page that converts.

Conversion of candidates into applicants is where the rubber meets the road in recruitment. While your career site focuses on exploration across all aspects of professional growth at your company, a customized landing page centers on a specific job or campaign and offers a call to action with a stronger intent to incite conversion.

  • The best career pages require careful, ongoing attention to detail, as well as regular updating so they stay relevant and engaging. Through customization and audience targeting, landing pages play a critical role in this process.

The recruitment experts at Haley Marketing can help you develop and maintain your career site and landing pages for optimal candidate conversion and effectiveness, as you continue to vie for top talent in today’s evolving and competitive marketplace. Contact us today to learn more – or set up a free, 30-minute focus call to discuss your recruitment marketing questions and goals.

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