Do You Have an Employee Value Proposition? Here’s How to Make One


Do You Have an Employee Value Proposition? Here’s How to Make One

The harsh reality of today’s job marketplace is: there aren’t enough candidates out there to fill all the open positions. In the third quarter of 2021, there are more job openings than candidates on unemployment. Recruitment is especially tough in this Covid day and age, as the gig economy continues to take hold and many people remain hesitant or simply have opted not to come back to work.

So, that’s the challenge. But, what’s the solution?

As you tweak your recruitment marketing strategy circa autumn 2021, a great place to start is with successful employer branding, which is achieved by establishing an effective employee value proposition (EVP). Your EVP is a unique set of offerings, such as compensation, benefits and company culture, that positively engage ideal candidates and differentiate your company from the competition.

  • Candidates will search for and research your company’s reputation – and if they don’t like what they find, they’ll go elsewhere. According to one study, 69 percent of job seekers said they wouldn’t apply to a company with a bad reputation.

How do you create a great EVP?

Perfecting your EVP is about assessing and promoting the core strengths of your organization. These include financial and non-financial offerings, career development opportunities, and your winning work environment and culture. Steps to a great EVP include:

  • Assessing what you currently offer: Know what your company can and cannot offer, so you can be clear about your branding. You may want to use employee surveys to garner feedback, and use the responses to find out what motivates your top performers. Incorporate this into better job offers for prospective hires.
  • Defining the key components of your EVP: Evaluate your findings to arrive at your EVP. Use this information to answer questions like: what salary ranges, benefits and career opportunities will attract desired talent? What kind of culture will help my target audience succeed at work? What constitutes an ideal work environment for them? Translate it all into statements that candidates can quickly grasp and relate to.
  • Once your EVP is written, promoting it through the right channels: Leverage internal and external communication channels to get the word out. Internally, utilize company blogs, newsletters, email, town halls and other media. Remember, the way you communicate with your employees has a direct impact on the experience you deliver and, by extension, on your EVP. Externally, promote your EVP across social media and get your brand ambassadors to do the same.
  • Tracking performance and reviewing the results: Measure how key talent is responding to your EVP. Check metrics such as social media engagements on job-related posts, volume of applications and responses from passive candidates, and attrition. Review your EVP regularly. People’s expectations change over time, so a fresh take may be necessary to keep it viable.

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