Does Your Career Site Give You SEO?


Does Your Career Site Give You SEO?

To ensure that every job opportunity at your company is seen by as many desired candidates as possible, it’s critical to optimize your career site and make it easy for search engines to index it. Your goal is to make every hire a quality hire, so you need a site with that “wow” factor that leads not only to content discovery, but ultimately, conversion.

Career Site Best Practices

Your career site should be designed and structured in a way that job seekers will navigate it easily and naturally.

  • Take a look at what you have to offer with each posting. As you do so, put yourself in the candidate’s shoes. What are they looking for in their next job? What do they need from that job? Keep all your content well organized, and craft it with user intent in mind.
  • Candidates typically search for a specific type of job. So, it makes sense to include experience level requirements, as well as your type of company and industry, in your title tag. From there, organize your posting to meet job seekers’ expectations. Define the purpose of the role and its day-to-day responsibilities, and provide a short but compelling summary of the career path and growth opportunities that come with it.
  • Make sure your content is strong, but concise. Assume that a candidate is looking at many different options. Your posting should be easy to skim and at the same time, memorable. Clear headings and bullet points are helpful tools in this regard.

Get Your Postings to Pop in SERPs

A search engine results page (SERP) is the page seen after entering a query into Google, Yahoo or any other search engine. Use the right page elements so your postings readily appear in SERPs.

  • Have the Career Site on Your Domain: it’s vitally important to have your postings on jobs.YOURDOMAIN.com or YOURDOMAIN.com/jobs to receive the SEO value. If your job postings are just on another website, you won’t get the SEO value.
  • Add structured data, also referred to as schema, to ensure that search engine bots can crawl your postings more easily. This also signals that specific content is relevant and accurate enough to be displayed on a SERP.
  • Job postings may be the first touchpoint a candidate has with your company. So be sure to represent yourself effectively. Be sure all content is realistic, authentic, accurate and truthful.

Here are a few more tips to optimize your content:

  • Make sure the keywords you’re aiming for appear in the URL. A page title doesn’t have to be the same as a URL, but your keyword should appear there as well, preferably close to the beginning.
  • Avoid abbreviations. Instead of VP, write Vice President. Instead of Dev., write Developer. Otherwise, a bot may misinterpret it.

The Haley Marketing team can help you build and perfect your career sit for maximum SEO success. Our specialists have the bandwidth, knowledge and resources to do everything it takes to get the right people to apply for your jobs via your dynamic, engaging site as well as other effective branding tactics. Contact us today to schedule a free 30-minute focus call.

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