Why Your Career Site is More Important than Ever


Why Your Career Site is More Important than Ever

As you source, recruit and retain top talent, keep your company career site top of mind. It’s a critical marketing tool to capture the attention of your most desired candidates. Along with the right social media strategy, job boards and distribution, and employer branding, it’s one of the four pillars of successful recruitment marketing. All four go hand in hand toward winning today’s ever-competitive talent war.

How to Optimize Your Career Site

The content, look and feel of your career page must immediately capture candidates’ attention in order to keep them engaged and enthused about applying for your positions. Use your site to showcase who you are, what your organization has to offer, and why applicants would want to work for you over the competition.

  • Remember, you own this site. It’s the front door into your company for in-demand candidates, so roll out the welcome mat. You control the message, so keep it strong, crisp, fresh and compelling.
  • Make a dynamite first impression – or you may lose people right up front.
  • Look at how effectively you’re collecting applications. Intent to apply is good, but you don’t score any real points until conversion happens.
  • Make sure it’s user friendly and friction free. This means a great desktop and mobile experience for anyone who navigates your site. Last but not least, have a strong call-to-action, so candidates don’t just visit; they participate.
  • Align employer branding with your company brand. The two are not synonymous, but they should compliment and enhance one another.

Paint an Attractive Picture

Use your site to tout your unique company culture, benefits and perks: the ones that make you stand apart from your competitors.

Here are a few more tips to make the most of your site:

  • Have an efficient, effective application process. It’s one thing to draw applicants in, but be sure you don’t lose them after that step. The keys to a successful application experience are: short, sweet, and mobile friendly. Only ask for the information you absolutely need at this stage of the hiring process.
  • Test your application process yourself. This is the best way to ensure you’ve worked out all the bugs and optimized all the steps.
  • Offer the opportunity to sign up for job alerts. A job seeker may not go back to your site on their own if they don’t immediately see an opening that piques their interest. Use push notifications to re-engage them when the right time comes along.
  • Clearly explain your hiring process. Help job seekers understand the steps to getting hired at your company. Providing this explanation through text and/or video will help manage candidates’ expectations and answer their questions right up front.

Which recruitment marketing solutions is right for you? The Haley Marketing team can help you keep all the pillars of your strategy rock solid and successful. We’ll help you get your jobs found, land the right candidates, accelerate fill rates, and avoid costly hiring mistakes. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more.

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