3 Ways to Showcase Successful Employees


3 Ways to Showcase Successful Employees

If you’re proud of your superstar employees, shout it out – not literally from the rooftop, but on your website, on your career page, and via your company social media platforms. (Of course, you can actually shout it, too, if that works for you – maybe during your next team meeting. Whether or not it’s on the rooftop is entirely up to you!)

Spotlighting your best team members puts your entire company in a positive light by showing your fans and followers – read that, prospective hires – that you really care about your people and that they sincerely love their jobs.

Here are three ideas to get you started:

Have employee ambassadors and give them content to share

Your employees may already be sharing business content on their personal channels. An ambassador, or advocacy, program makes it official. It allows you to establish guidelines, resources and rewards for employees who post about your brand. A few tips to follow as you design your program include:

  • Have clearly defined goals. Your employee advocacy initiatives should align with your company’s primary business goals.
  • Track the right metrics, based on those goals. When a campaign concludes, summarize the results in a report to show your ROI. Include such metrics as increase in reach (how many people saw the content shared by your ambassadors) and employee engagement (whether people are clicking links, leaving comments, and/or resharing content from your advocates, and engagement per network).

Use video profiles

Video dominates social media, so put it to good use when it comes to recruitment marketing. Even with a limited budget or experience, it’s very doable. You can easily create engaging, authentic videos of employees with just a little time and effort.

  • Instead of ho-hum corporate jargon and buzzwords, capture employees having fun. Let their personalities and energy shine through.
  • Keep videos short. No matter how captivating they are, you’ll lose your audience after a few minutes or so.
  • Make them conversational. Ask interesting questions, then record people’s unrehearsed answers. You can cut and edit later.
  • Answer candidates’ questions. Use your employee video profiles to communicate what’s most important to prospective hires. Spotlight your culture so they can see if it’s a fit for them – and present compelling vignettes about what it’s really like to work for your company.

Share your Employee of the Month online

Posting online about your Employee of the Month gives a friendly face to your company, helps you establish your team members as recognized professionals, boosts your brand by explaining an employee’s work and process, and makes people happy by giving them well-deserved praise.

  • It can be simply an interview and some images, yet it will capture a lot of attention if it’s done well. Start with a bit of history about your employee, personally and/or professionally. Then explain their role at your company and what outstanding achievements they have realized. Everything should express how working for your organization has improved their lives.

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