How to Evaluate the Mobile Apply on Your Career Site


How to Evaluate the Mobile Apply on Your Career Site

Your career site is the one place among all your promotional and advertising venues where you own 100% share of the voice – giving you the optimal opportunity to sell your company and your job openings to candidates. Along with branding, social media, and job ads, it’s one of the four pillars of successful recruitment marketing. So, make it count.

And in today’s marketplace, you’re behind the eight ball if your career site isn’t optimized for mobile user friendliness. This is essential to sourcing the right talent faster and optimizing your recruitment ROI.

Create a truly mobile job application experience.

Job seekers are increasingly picking up their phones to look for jobs. This is great. But the point where the rubber meets the road is when candidates actually apply for a position. And unless it’s just as easy to apply via a mobile device as it is to find a job, you will risk losing top talent.

Watch when you pull out your mobile device and search for anything. It doesn’t just have to be in talent acquisition, but it could be researching a new outfit, searching for the next vacation, or checking the weather. Analyze how much time you spend on your device and what makes it easy to engage with information during your searches. That’s exactly the behavior job candidates use when searching for a job on their own mobile device.

Test your process.

Try it out yourself. If you find your mobile application process cumbersome, you can bet that candidates will, too. Your goal is to achieve a seamless integration of the mobile application experience into your overall recruitment process. Because at any point where a job seeker feels a disconnect, they are likely to abandon ship and go elsewhere.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Keep the process short. Collect only the information you absolutely need from candidates to start screening them.
  • Give applicants the ability to upload their resumes quickly and accurately. (and consider not making it required!)
  • Offer the option to apply via text. Use this feature to guide candidates through an even quicker and more straightforward application process.
  • Capitalize on automation. AI assistants can encourage job seekers to apply at your company, answer FAQs, prescreen candidates, and schedule interviews. This can be a huge help in converting them into applicants.
  • Put candidates into your pipeline. Even if they don’t find a relevant opening right away, keep desirable job seekers engaged by adding them to your prospective hire database.

A great way to get feedback is to share your process with family, friends, or work colleagues who you trust. The best feedback comes from not only the people who you trust but people who don’t visit your website regularly or at all. That’s the exact experience your jobseeker is going through, but now you can get constructive feedback from trustworthy sources.

Evaluate Your Career Site Today!

An optimal mobile application experience is a key aspect of effective recruitment marketing: doing whatever it takes to get the right people to apply for your jobs. When it comes to sourcing better candidates, achieving faster fills, and lowering costs while maximizing your recruiting spend, there’s no better business partner for your organization than Haley Marketing. Our recruitment marketing team will partner with you to achieve everything it takes to reach these goals. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more.

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