Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok: Do They Help Your Employer Brand?


Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok: Do They Help Your Employer Brand?

Chances are, more traditional venues like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are mainstays in your company’s employer branding strategy. But you’ve fallen by the wayside if you haven’t at least considered some relative newcomers to the social media landscape: Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.

The bottom line is: Millennials and members of Gen Z make up a significant and growing portion of the global workforce. And social media marketing success is based on going where your desired audience is hanging out online. So, it’s time to take a closer look at these three players.

Insta Reach

Launched in 2010, Instagram is used by a billion people every month, with users spending an average of 30 minutes a day there. It’s the sixth most-visited website, ninth most-popular Google query, and fourth most-used of any mobile app, especially among those aged 18 through 34.

  • Instagram’s scroll-friendly layout and image-centric content make it ideal for branded posts. Business content fits in seamlessly with personal posts in the feed, making your brand content teel more organic and less like an ad.
  • Use Instagram to create customized 15-second videos. Think of creative ways to highlight key elements of your brand, your company culture, and open positions. You might want to interview current employees and focus on why they wanted to work for your company and how that has played out.

Snap to Success

A year after Instagram made its debut, Snapchat entered the social media scene. This app gives users the option to add images, text, and animation to photos and videos, which have a specific time limit before they disappear forever. It’s known as the social media playground, so it’s no wonder it resonates with younger audiences.

TikTok! Time to Go Here!

TikTok may have been a bit late to the party, launching just three years ago, but it has enjoyed explosive growth over its life span. It has already surpassed LinkedIn, Reddit, Snapchat, and Twitter to become the world’s sixth-largest social network.

  • TikTok videos are recorded, edited, and posted right in the app on smartphones, so it’s unbelievably quick and easy to share content. This makes TikTok a great way to collect employee-generated content and story videos. In today’s world of virtual and remote work, TikTok can help you find and amplify employee stories via your various career channels, no matter where people are working from.
  • Use TikTok to showcase your culture in a new and different way. Spotlight team members’ unique personalities and talents, as well as the work you do, and offer a look into the fun side of being part of your company.

These three platforms will not help with direct candidate recruitment, but they should be considered by your team to help with employer branding and awareness. Yes, it’s difficult to put a value on that awareness and those impressions, but it can help you in the long term to be at the top of the mind of a younger generation when they are ready to look for a job.

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