Non-Job Content that Connects with Candidates on Social Media


Non-Job Content that Connects with Candidates on Social Media

Social recruiting is one of the four intertwined Pillars of Recruitment Marketing that enable you to attract job seekers while maximizing the ROI on your hiring investment (the other three being your career site, job boards, and distribution, and employment branding.)

Like all your sourcing efforts, social recruiting is about raising awareness among desired audiences about your job openings. But it’s also about providing valuable insight into your workplace culture, so desired candidates not only know they’d be qualified to work for you, but want to work for you, versus your competition.

The Power of Employee Stories

One of the most effective sources of social media content to advance your brand is employee stories and testimonials. As noted by LinkedIn, candidates trust a company’s employees three times more than the company itself to provide credible information on what it’s like to work there.

  • Activate employee stories consistently and organically – and share them strategically. Give careful thought to how you present them, so you strengthen your culture and convey that strength to candidates.
  • Start by uncovering stories that are already being told. Listen to current online social chatter to see what content is already shaping sentiment around your brand. Talk to employees, teams, and departments or conduct a survey to garner this data. From there, you can shape your plans going forward.
  • Formulate a plan. Don’t just start to randomly share employee stories. Base content on the answers to questions like these: What are your business’s main needs when it comes to testimonials? How do these stories tie into company priorities? What’s the best way to share these workplace accounts for maximum impact?
  • Provide opportunities for everyone to participate. Create a level playing field where every employee’s input is valued.
  • Don’t be exclusive: You may be surprised where awesome stories come from. And be sure everyone feels safe and comfortable sharing. The more transparent you are with your employees, the more interest and authentic results you’ll get. Of course, you’ll need to provide guidelines and perhaps slightly edit content – but let employees be creative and use their voice to produce compelling, humanized stories.

Motivational Quotes

Inspirational quotes can further build social media engagement because people relate to them and tend to like and share them. Good quotes can generate a ton of shares and build audience engagement that is critical to organic reach on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and various other platforms.

Post content that’s entertaining, inspiring or educational, to build and maintain your winning brand. Keep your company accounts active with a variety of messages, but don’t be haphazard about what you say.

  • Use your own content or give credit where it’s due. Don’t risk copyright infringement or cheapening your image.
  • Stay aligned to your brand. Post quotes that accurately represent your business philosophy.

For additional guidance in producing employee testimonials and other powerful online content, as well as insight into strengthening all four pillars of your recruitment marketing strategy, contact the Haley Marketing team today.

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