Unlocking the Power of Niche Job Boards


Unlocking the Power of Niche Job Boards

You have a specific job to fill. Yesterday. And you need top talent to fill it, in order to stay on business plan and competitive within your industry. And yikes, the job market remains tight and the balance still leans in favor of candidates who can pick and choose from a menu of potential new employers.

What’s a recruiting manager to do?

The initial temptation is to release all your hiring power and post your opening on as many job boards as possible. The more people who see it, the better, right?

Not so fast.

While there’s no disputing the power and reach of Monster, Indeed, and other broad-based options, often, incorporating niche job boards into each campaign is the smartest possible strategy. Let’s look at several of the benefits:

Access to More Specialized Talent

Niche job boards attract active and passive candidates who currently work in or are looking to join specific industries – and have related skills, qualifications and interests. So, you immediately access a pool of specialized, versus general, talent. This can save you valuable time sifting through resumes and help you fill your key roles sooner.

Cost Savings

As you well know, recruitment must be value-added in order to be effective. Niche job boards are often your most cost-efficient option because they are so targeted. This can avoid your having to pay for expensive listings on general boards.

  • Plus, niche boards often have specialized services catering to your needs and audience, such as keyword strategies optimized to various professional disciplines. They may also be able to track market shifts, trends, and salary benchmarks.

Greater Visibility

On a niche board, your job listing can receive greater visibility and engagement among candidates interested in a particular industry or sector. In addition to active job seekers, these platforms broaden your talent pool by catching the eye of passive candidates who may be casually browsing them.

Better Employer Branding

Having a consistent presence on niche job boards is smart marketing for your employer brand. It keeps you top of mind as a subject matter expert and attractive place to work.

How to Get the Best Results

There are some basic best practices to follow as you weave niche job boards into your recruitment plan. They include:

  • Take a multi-pronged approach versus a one-off posting. Leverage niche boards as cross-channel resources that augment what you’re doing elsewhere.
  • Keep your brand messaging standard across all recruitment materials and job listings. This way, you come across as a highly professional, well-run organization. Remember, every interaction is another opportunity to engage desired talent and build long-term relationships.

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