With Over 3 Million Monthly Users – Using FB Ads is Important as Ever!

With Over 3 Million Monthly Users – Using FB Ads is Important as Ever!

Should Facebook still be one of the tools in your recruitment marketing toolbox?

The answer is a simple and solid “yes.” Even as numerous other social platforms have emerged, Facebook has held solidly to its leadership position with 61.8 percent of all visits. Utilizing Facebook’s job postings feature, you can easily reach a vast audience with minimal time and effort. And, you can do so at little to no cost while easily tracking any dollars you elect to spend.

You can’t beat a world leader

Facebook is the world’s most popular social media platform, with a user base total number that exceeds the combined population of the United States, Canada, and Mexico combined. There are 343.5 million Facebook users in the U.S. alone.

To zero in on the specific advantages of job advertising on Facebook:

  • It’s simple. You can quickly and efficiently post jobs on your Facebook page, as well as track applications and communicate with candidates via Messenger. Jobs may appear in people’s news feeds, in the jobs bookmark, and/or alongside posts on other business pages.
  • It enables you to reach a larger, more relevant, and diverse audience. In addition to its unparalleled reach, one of the benefits of Facebook is that your postings can also target those who are already fans of your brand. If someone likes your page, that’s when your postings will appear on their feed.
  • It’s convenient. You can post jobs, review applications, communicate with job seekers, and hire, all in one place. Facebook even makes it easy to design attractive ads without having to hire someone in-house.
  • It’s mobile-optimized. Candidates can fill out their applications directly on Facebook. This helps avoid applicant drop-off.
  • It can help reduce your time to hire. Facebook has a list of screening questions on Messenger that you can use to pre-qualify candidates. This, coupled with your ability to correspond via Messenger, enables you to engage with prospective hires much more quickly and on a personal level.
  • It can be accomplished at zero cost. You can post openings at no cost on your Facebook page simply by clicking “Jobs” above the “Write a post” box.

Never count out Facebook Advertising

Since launching its advertising section in 2007, Facebook has relied more and more on ads, prioritizing paid content in many cases. If you need to fill a critical position quickly, it’s often worthwhile to include this option in your campaign.

  • Facebook provides you with a firm read on your advertising ROI by letting you see how much you’re paying per click. This way, if your ads aren’t performing up to expectations, you can do A/B testing to tweak and improve them. And if they are doing well, you can spend more budget on the ads that are getting great results!

Social recruiting using the right strategic platforms for each of your open positions is a key pillar in your recruitment success. To learn more, contact Haley Marketing today.

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