Websites Lose Visitors & Customers Because of This

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Websites Lose Visitors & Customers Because of This

To paraphrase investment expert Jason Hartman, your brand is a promise to your customers of quality, consistency, competency and reliability. And no matter how many customers you have and/or hope to attract, none will ever be more important than your employees. So, when it comes to talent attraction and retention, employer reputation really matters.

Candidates want to understand your brand so they have a solid grasp of your organization’s perception of the market. After all, the better your reputation, the more it will help them in their careers, should they decide to work for you.

Leverage trust signals on your career site

In addition to product review sites, marketing collateral, social media, and word of mouth, candidates learn about your brand and your reputation on your website. In fact, in many cases, this is the first place they look. Strive for site content that influences talent to choose your job opportunity and contributes to an overall stellar candidate experience.

  • Showcase your positive ratings, customer testimonials, and good reviews. Position this powerful content not only on your home page, but also on your product page, your about page, and of course, your job and career pages.
  • Consider creating a dedicated customer review page. In addition to reviews, include product videos and images, especially your unique and innovative ones. This will show job seekers how they’ll be working on solutions that drive your industry and top your competition, and that customers love.

The proof is in the numbers

Recent LinkedIn research shows that 75 percent of job seekers research company reputation before applying and 86 percent would not work for an organization with a negative reputation. Effective reputation management helps you in myriad ways, including:

  • Showcasing your achievements and differentiators as an employer.
  • Highlighting your corporate social responsibility, diversity, and community involvement initiatives.
  • Holding on to top talent by fostering a sense of pride, engagement, and loyalty while boosting both performance and morale.

Are you interested in learning more about strategies to improve and manage your employer’s reputation, as well as designing a state-of-the-art career site that outshines the rest? If so, give Haley Marketing a shout today. In these areas, as well as others including job advertising and social recruiting, we’ve been in business for close to three decades and are proud to serve more than 1,400 staffing and recruiting firms. Let’s get you started down the road to success with a free, 30-minute focus call.

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