Do You Encourage Employees to Leave a Review of Your Business on Glassdoor?


Do You Encourage Employees to Leave a Review of Your Business on Glassdoor?

With more than 55 million monthly visitors, almost three-quarters of whom are searching or applying for jobs, Glassdoor is a force to be reckoned with in the recruiting world. And your current employees are among your best ambassadors, as well as highly credible sources for candidates who want authentic feedback on what it’s like to work at your company.

So if you’re not doing so already, be sure to encourage your employees to leave a review of your business on Glassdoor. In fact, make it easy and remind them on a regular basis.

Communicate the advantages of Glassdoor reviews

Convey the message that employee feedback on Glassdoor not only helps your company to improve, but also benefits employees by making management aware of issues, so corrective action can be taken.

  • Communicate in advance that you are requesting reviews. This way, no one feels pressured or put on the spot. Make sure employees know that their participation is voluntary, that everyone is being asked, and last but not least, that their input will be anonymous.
  • Glassdoor actively protects users’ identity. And if it’s determined that a company has pressured its employees to leave positive reviews, this fact will be exposed, severely damaging your reputation.

Get your timing right when asking for feedback

The exception to asking everyone on your staff to submit reviews is new hires. Wait until they’ve been with your company for one to two months. Too soon is just that: team members who are still orienting and onboarding don’t have enough information about your company or the experience of working there yet.

Make the process as easy as possible

Some employees may be willing to submit a company review, but feel a bit intimidated by such a request. Or, they simply may not know what to write. Glassdoor provides nine different templates, which you can offer as options.

Respond to as many reviews as you can

Replying to every Glassdoor review – including the inevitable negative ones that will emerge – is essential. Remember: responding to and addressing even unpleasant issues shows that you take all feedback seriously and are committed to continuously improving both candidate and employee experiences.

Ask for reviews regularly

Employees may not leave a review the first time you ask. So, rather than treat it as a flavor of the month, continue to ask on a regular basis.

  • Strike the right balance: often, but not too. Every six months is a good rule of thumb. And, be sure to personalize every ask, based on the individual employee, their role, and their length of service with your company.

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