Are Your Job Postings Structured to Attract Top-Level Candidates?

Are Your Job Postings Structured to Attract Top-Level Candidates?

A job posting is typically a candidate’s first introduction to your company. The structure of your postings can mean the difference between attracting top talent your way, settling for mediocre candidates, or attracting none at all.

First impressions count – and if a candidate isn’t drawn in by your posting, you’ve probably lost them. In today’s marketplace, it’s more important than ever to sell your organization and your opportunity in the most engaging way possible.

It all starts with the right title

You capture job seekers’ attention with strong, attractive job titles. But even before they get that far, they have to find your opportunity, so you need to ensure that your titles are relevant and straightforward.

  • With multiple opportunities available for the best talent, be sure your posting gets in front of desired candidates immediately. Keep your titles straightforward and consistent with language typically used in your industry.
  • Think like a search candidate. Your job will appear if your title seems related to what a user types in the search box. Steer clear of overly creative verbiage like “Excel Wizard” or “Coding Ninja.” These tend to rank poorly compared to frequently searched titles like “Software Developer.”
  • Align the words in your content with keywords commonly used to find that type of job. Put yourself in job seekers’ shoes: what exactly would you search for if you were them? You can use Google Keyword Tool, Google Trends, and other research tools to approximate how many people search for your keywords and to show you related suggestions.

Meet your needs

As you craft a job posting, ask yourself these questions:

  • What type of person is your ideal candidate?
  • What will it take for them to be drawn into your posting – and to succeed in the role?
  • Which skills are “must haves” in a candidate, versus “nice to have, but not required?” Be sure the former are near the top of the content in your posting.
  • What’s the biggest selling point of your job opportunity? This could be unique benefits or perks, scheduling flexibility, growth options, an ideal location, or a combination of several features. The operative word here is “unique.” What makes your opportunity stand out from all the rest?
  • Sell the opportunity. Job seekers looking for new opportunities need compelling reasons to choose your job over competing ones. Sell not only those features that set you apart, but also you company vision and culture.
  • Consider links to positive reviews of your company, as well as testimonials, images and videos from your social platforms. Showcase such plusses as your fun working environment, diversity, commitment to the community, and company outings.

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