Candidate Quality Down? Here’s What To Do To Help

Candidate Quality Down? Here’s What To Do To Help

Whenever there is a shift in the market, your Recruitment Marketing efforts may have to pivot in order to give your company the best ROI possible. We’ve been hearing that applications are up overall, and that’s great! BUT we’ve also been hearing that the quality of candidates is declining, which isn’t what we want from our RM efforts.

In this article, we will review a few ways to help try to improve quality of candidates, or at least find those star employees quicker!

  1. Understanding the Position’s Role:

One thing that we commonly see is job descriptions with lists of different requirements, years of experience, etc. Yes, it’s important to give the candidate an idea of what skills and qualities are needed to be successful, but don’t put yourself in a box by setting unrealistically high requirements!

By setting the position’s expectations and job description at the same level, you have a greater chance of reaching a wider pool of job seekers, and it will give you a head start in finding that quality match for the open order.

  1. Screener Questions:

Screener questions, or pre-apply questions, can be a helpful tool in your Recruitment Marketing efforts on the job boards. This tactic allows you to set questions for a candidate to answer before or as they are filling out an application.

We often talk about making the application process quick and easy, but screener questions can be a great happy medium for keeping the process short while also gaining valuable information from the job seeker.

The question is quick to answer and hopefully will lead to higher quality candidates, but it also helps your team sift through candidates faster and easier.

  1. Ensuring Your Ad Is up to Market Standard:

This may be one of the most overlooked tactics in trying to reach higher-quality candidates. This concept includes optimizing job titles, pay rates, remote vs. in-person work, benefits, and so much more!

You need to research to ensure your job position is at least paying the same as market rate, ideally even higher, to reach the top of the talent pool. Also, if a job isn’t receiving a whole lot of traction, think about what you can do to make it a more desirable position. For example, if you are looking for an administrative assistant, opening the talent pool to remote candidates can help you reach a whole different group of job seekers.

Recruitment Marketing Tactics You Didn’t Know You Needed!:

Today’s recruiting market is as difficult as ever, and that’s why we’ve put together a list of Recruitment Marketing tactics you need to be using in your strategy!

  1. Screener Questions:

As we discussed above, screener questions can be a beneficial tactic to boost your efforts on job boards such as Indeed and ZipRecruiter. These questions give you a quick chance at the most essential info for candidates and can help you identify those all-star candidates quickly!

  1. Chatbots:

Chatbots are becoming the norm, even for staffing and recruiting! Not only do Chatbots help efforts on the sales side as well, but they can be helpful tools to engage with job seekers, persuade them to take action, and give an immediate response from your team!

  1. Email Marketing

This may sound like an old-school trick, but email marketing works! It is constantly one of the more profitable marketing strategies based on ROI. Email marketing allows you to reach new prospects while also maintaining existing relationships with past candidates. It is easy and relatively cost-efficient, making it something every staffing company can use to boost their Recruitment Marketing efforts!

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