How Live Streaming Helps You Build Your Community

How Live Streaming Helps You Build Your Community

Social recruiting success is all about the community you build.

For the future of your business, you need to optimize relationships with both your current high-performing employees and with candidates who would be the right fit in your organization, whether it’s today, tomorrow, or a year or more down the line. When it comes to talent management, this is the very definition of community.

Have you thought strategically about live streaming and how it fits this picture?

What is live streaming?

Live streaming is streaming media, recorded and broadcasted over the internet in real or near-real time. Done right, it can be a powerful way to connect with your target audience and personalize your message uniquely.

Why live stream?

Live streaming enables you to connect with your audience in a genuine, personalized manner. It lets people see the voices and faces behind your brand in an unfiltered medium that drives brand association and loyalty.

You can live stream from platforms you’re probably already using, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, as well as others that fit your target demographics.

What tips and tools can make live streaming work for you?

Thanks to numerous tools on the marketplace, getting started with live streaming couldn’t be easier. To achieve better quality streams:

  • Don’t assume that desired candidates will automatically find your streams. It’s not enough to go live across your social media platforms. You need to schedule live streams in advance to build up buzz and anticipation for them. This also enables adequate time to design and implement the right promotions.
  • Cross-promote. Even if you’re live streaming on only one platform, always cross-promote your upcoming live stream across all your social media channels. You can also create specific landing pages and have your previous live streams accessible by letting potential viewers subscribe to them for access.
  • Engage candidates more fully by showing up in full. This means doing more than narrating screens while broadcasting and being fully present on camera. What better way can people get to know you as an employer and solidify their desire to work for you?
  • Invest in the right gear. Minimally, you can live stream with a cell phone alone. But if you’re serious about growing your audience, upgrade to high-quality gear whenever possible. This may include a browser-based studio, a tripod to hold your camera, a microphone, a higher-level computer and/or camera, and/or supporting hardware.
  • Consistency is key. Regardless of the details of your live streaming strategy, be consistent. Show up at your decided frequency, whether it’s daily, weekly, or in line with another set schedule. Give careful thought to your timing. If you show up too frequently, you’ll risk audience fatigue. But, if you’re not frequent enough, you risk losing people.


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