Insights From the Recruitment Marketing Team

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Insights From the Recruitment Marketing Team


Going Through the Candidate Experience:

One of the most important aspects of staffing that often gets looked over is the candidate experience. What happens when someone applies to one of your jobs? Do they get an email confirmation? Is someone from your team reaching out to the candidate to provide the next steps? Can they easily apply to a job or Career Portal before they lose interest? These are all questions you should be thinking about when you evaluate your candidate experience.

Why is the candidate experience so important?

Well, applications are the driving force for staffing agencies, not only do you want applications, but you want quality ones as well.

Here are some steps to help start thinking about your candidate experience:

  1. First off, have someone you trust apply to one of your positions. How long does it take them? Are they required to provide confidential or unnecessary information? It’s important to think about the balance of listed required qualifications, while also creating a safe, enjoyable place to work.
  1. How long does it take for the candidate to hear back? Chances are, if you are taking 2-3 days to reply, that candidate is already gone. There are tools to help here, such as automation, but you don’t need them to still create a quality candidate experience. Following up as soon as possible after someone applies can help create a stronger bond between the job seeker and employer. And it helps make placements even faster!
  1. What’s really required for an interview? How much background information do you really need to move on in the hiring process? One common speed bump we see in the industry, asking for a Social Security Number. Don’t hurt your efforts by disinteresting the candidate!
  1. How much friction is there? How long does it take for someone to apply to one of your positions? Thanks to Amazon, we are used to having/doing things right away. If your application takes 30 minutes to fill out, chances are you won’t get a lot of conversions. At the same time, you don’t just want a name and a phone number. Finding a balance between required info and a speedy process is a must!

Tip/Trick of the Month:

The Importance of Source Tracking:

Another important aspect of recruitment marketing that often gets looked over is source tracking. Your recruitment marketing efforts are the same as any other operation or department in your business. You want to maximize the value of the process, and one way to help is source tracking.

Source tracking is when you record applications/candidates, and where they came from. Job seekers have a TON of ways to apply to your jobs, so knowing where the best quality is coming from gives you an advantage over others!

Source tracking also helps you use your job advertising budget more efficiently. If you give Job Board “A” $2,000 a month, and Job Board “B” $1,000 a month, but Job Board “B” is providing more quality candidates, you may want to focus your efforts more to Job Board “B”!

Source tracking also helps your team continuously by collecting data. Maybe higher-level roles don’t perform as well on Job Board “A”. Once you have enough data to make an assessment, you can optimize your efforts to help reach your company’s goals and needs!

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