You Have a Chatbot: What’s the Goal When Someone Chats?


You Have a Chatbot: What’s the Goal When Someone Chats?

Like so many “new” developments in technology, chatbots have actually been around for quite a while – but only in recent years have they gained real popularity among both users and businesses. This includes widespread application of chatbots to assist with recruitment, as these innovative little digital tools can help hiring teams:

  • Gather applicant information in structured, easy-to-process ways.
  • Ask key candidate screening questions.
  • Rank applicants based on various metrics including qualifications, seniority, or interview test results.
  • Answer FAQs about positions and the application process.
  • Schedule interviews with human recruiters or facilitate a human taking over as needed during the course of a chat.
  • Provide information on companies, their culture and character.
  • Offer updates on the status of applications.

What exactly is a recruitment chatbot?

Chatbots are software that may or may not rely on artificial intelligence (AI) to manage their use and communication via a 24/7 messaging interface. In basic laymen’s terms, they’re those little pop-ups that appear and ask you if you want to talk or need further information after you’ve opened an online link.

Recruiting chatbots can take on many forms and channels to meet your specific needs, including email, messaging apps, or websites and landing pages.

Popular consumer behavior has moved to recruiting.

Research has shown that job seekers have positive reaction to recruitment chatbots:

  • In one recent survey, 58 percent of applicants noted that they were comfortable interacting with chatbots during a company’s recruitment process. Another report shows that when chatbots were used on career sites, 95 percent more applicants converted into leads, 40 percent more completed applications, and 13 more clicked “apply.”
    Utilize chatbots to enhance the candidate experience.

Job seekers have come to expect a consumer-like application and hiring experience similar to other interactions they have on their devices and smartphones, day in and day out. Chatbots help meet these needs through their ability to interact with candidates on demand, as they streamline tasks and assist recruiters throughout the application process. Because of their round-the-clock availability, bots are available any time that’s convenient – and on virtually any channel.

  • A word to the wise: Always strike the right balance between AI and human communication. Use chatbots for repeatable, automatable interactions – and ensure that recruiters engage with desired talent in more high-value ways. Chatbots can allow recruiters to spend more time with the strongest candidates by taking on lesser value, yet still important, administrative tasks. Use them wisely.

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