3 Ways to Find Candidates That Don’t Involve Posting a Job

3 Ways to Find Candidates That Don’t Involve Posting a Job

There are more ways than one to fill an open job in an effective, cost efficient manner. Getting your postings on the right, targeted job boards is a good start, but also consider these three options. They will cost you in terms of staff time, but if you’re prepared in advance to activate them, even that expense should be minimal.

1. Return to the Well

Dust off your candidate database. If you don’t already have one, make it a priority. Sourcing from scratch every time you hire can be draining from both budget and operational standpoints. Plus, if done right, your database will be populated with candidates who would mesh seamlessly into your culture and bring the right skill sets to the table.

  • With the ready availability of online systems and software, you can set up or update your recruitment database within minutes.

2. Revisit Your Silver Medalists

These are the candidates who made it all the way to the final cut the first time you filled the position, but were edged out by the person who has now vacated the role. It goes without saying that they should be part of your database – with asterisks next to them.

  • Give it some careful reflection. Not all runners up are created equal. Did they just barely lose out, or were they seriously lacking vital skills or traits? Review your notes and talk to everyone on the original hiring team. If the silver medalist was a close contender, then reestablish contact and try to bring them back in.
  • Be prepared to answer some tough questions. For example, why didn’t you hire them in the first place? And what happened to the top candidate? You may need to reestablish some trust and admiration. But if you succeed, it may be well worth eating a little crow.

3. Promote from Within

Never overlook or underestimate high-potential talent already under your roof. In addition to getting your immediate opening filled, internal mobility can be a significant boost to employee retention, motivation and loyalty.

  • Career advancement is increasingly important to today’s employees. A lack of potential for growth at the company is a major reason people leave their jobs. When you promote from within, employees see the opportunity and will become less likely to seek career advancement elsewhere. And the ripple effect on morale can be very positive.
  • An added plus: You know what you’re getting. When you hire internally, you’ve already experienced an individual’s work style and ethic, as well as their personality. And it’s uber easy to interact with their managers and peers to get a true sense of who they are and which direction they plan to take their careers.

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