How Can Your Career Site Be Better than Fortune 500 Companies?


How Can Your Career Site Be Better than Fortune 500 Companies?

Of all your recruitment marketing tools, your career site should be top priority. Not only is it often candidates’ first contact with your company as they pursue their job search, but it’s your own. As compared with other media, this is your real estate … where you’re in complete control of design, content, and the overall look and feel of it all. So you need to make the most of it.

Especially if you’re a smaller business owner, you may think there’s no way your site can compete with those of larger corporations. But with the right approach to keeping things fresh, current and user friendly, you may find you’re not all that different after all. According to recent research on Fortune 500 employers:

  • Only 14 percent have consistent branding on each page of their career websites. Reinforcing your brand on every page is key, as it indicates to candidates that they’re still on the same site that initially piqued their interest.
  • A nominal 1 percent are effective in communicating the status of their application to candidates, beyond an initial confirmation message.
  • Just 10 percent offer an intuitive job search and application process. It should require no more than three clicks for a candidate to apply for one of your jobs.
  • Only 9 percent have optimal search functionalities, such as type-ahead search features.

All these elements are essential to optimal candidate experiences – and the reinforcement of your positive brand in the eyes of the candidate market.

Th good news is that if you consistently check all these boxes – vibrant page branding, effective candidate communication, an intuitive process, and optimal search functionalities – your site can be a contender with those of even your most formidable competitors.

Set up a great application process

If a job seeker finds your process too long, overly complicated, or that they’re being asked too many questions, they may simply shut you down and move on. If anything about this sounds familiar to your site, it’s time to start making changes.

Transparency is fundamental to success

Ongoing communication with candidates regarding their application status is a must. Be as transparent as possible about this. Consider adding a progress bar to your job portal so applicants can track their progress. Also, provide clear prompts and instructions on each page.

Make sure your site is mobile friendly

Mobile optimization is a given among a growing percentage of job seekers. Also, consider the ability to upload content directly from apps and platforms like Drop Box, Google Drive and LinkedIn.

Let your brand shine on every page

Remember, when a candidate navigates through your site, they’re not only looking at job descriptions and your application process, but also at how it would be to work for you. On every page, reinforce the kind of business yours is, as well as your company mission, vision and culture.

The recruitment experts at Haley Marketing can help you review your career site with innovative ideas to get more quality candidates to apply, and work with you to implement this and other strategic tactics to keep your hiring process ahead of the competition. Contact us today to learn more.


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