How to Do Social for Recruitment in the Summer


How to Do Social for Recruitment in the Summer

Ah, summer …

The sun is high, the living is easy, and recruiting top candidates is … harder than ever as everyone’s minds – recruiters and job seekers alike – are at the beach or park or any other outdoor venue, especially since all of the above have basically been taboo for the past two years.

As the old saying goes, if you can’t beat ‘em, join’em. Make your social posts a little more fun, a little more splashed with sunshine, and a little more alive as this long-awaited time of year approaches. Keep candidates’ attention and engagement, even as their minds drift to the seashore or backyard pool.

Highlight your employees at outdoor summer events.

Take pictures and videos of your team members doing things together, outside. Focus on any applicable seasonal events, but especially those geared toward community service and causes that employees themselves embrace and feel passionate about. Add some gifs to your posts and then partner them with catchy calls to action. In doing so, you can support both your recruitment efforts and your community, so it’s a win-win.

  • A helpful tip: Your phone’s keyboard likely has a gif option built into it. Facebook has a similar option you can use. If you haven’t mastered this technology yet, now is the time.
  • Upload a different image to every post. Have your recruiters post videos that showcase the personal, charitable, and fun-loving side of your company, whether it’s team beach volleyball, karaoke on an outdoor deck, or building a house for the homeless. Turn video clips into Boomerangs on Instagram or go live on Facebook.

Summer may be the perfect time to engage passive candidates.

Use a little more creativity as you conduct your summer social recruitment campaigns. As you do so, cast your net wider to find passive talent and candidates whose visions and values align with your own.

  • Create a compelling case. In summertime, when passive candidates may have more time to spare, you may be able to garner their attention with your unique opportunities. Work around holidays and weekends, so you can engage them when they have more time and are more likely to pay closer attention. Remember, even if they’re contemplating their future from a beach chair or a golf cart, you can keep their interest with the right approach.

Haley Marketing specializes in social media strategies geared toward your company and its specific recruitment needs. Connect with us today so we can help you formulate a year-round plan that’s effective, measurable and results oriented, regardless of the season. But don’t waste precious time – let’s get started now! Then, head to the shore and leave all your hiring headaches behind.

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