How to Stay Agile in Your Recruitment Content Strategy


How to Stay Agile in Your Recruitment Content Strategy

It takes only seconds for a job seeker to form their first impression of your company as a potential employer – and your career site is likely to be where they experience their initial introduction. It’s your virtual handshake with them. So optimize candidate attraction and engagement right from the start by keeping on top of what job seekers want and being ready to pivot when needed. And adjust your content accordingly.

Watch the analytics of your content.

A good place to start enhancing your content agility is with your career site analytics. Keep a watchful eye on what users are clicking on and/or liking. If a piece of content is receiving a lot of clicks and website visitors spend a lot of time on the page, that means your audience engages with that content. Create more similar content!

What are candidates discussing with your recruiters?

Online analytics are an awesome tool, but don’t lose sight of what goes on during face-to-face dialogues between job seekers and your recruiters. Much can be revealed not only through the actual words spoken during these conversations, but also from candidates’ tone of voice, body language, and other modes of non-verbal communication.

Here’s a hint: Career progression is top priority.

The best candidates are eager to learn about career growth opportunities, right from the start of the recruitment process. There is no stronger motivator. Make sure your site content is an accurate reflection of the growth and advancement possibilities that come with your position.

  • Career progression helps with employee satisfaction and retention, as being able to take on new challenges makes team members more likely to be engaged in their work and feel ownership of their organization.
  • If the opportunity for promotion isn’t as frequent, tell how the employee will get the chance to learn, be creative, experiment in their role, and explore new ideas.

Conduct regular site content audits.

Audit your career site on a regular basis and be sure all your content aligns with current candidate goals and mindsets. Review your site from a job seeker’s point of view. Doing so at least quarterly is a good rule of thumb.

Haley Marketing can help with your career site planning, auditing and content development, as well as other pillars of effective recruitment marketing, including your employment branding, job ads and distribution, and social recruiting. Read our related posts or contact us today to hear more.

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