Does a Career Blog Increase Organic Traffic?


Does a Career Blog Increase Organic Traffic?

There are a lot of great reasons for businesses to blog, but the one that stands out is increasing organic traffic: visits to a company website that come from a search engine’s organic results, not from paid advertising. Creating a career blog is a free or low-cost opportunity to do just that when it comes to attracting top talent.

What should you blog about?

Your open positions and most notable benefits are probably already spelled out on your career site – though don’t rule out focusing a blog post on a program or perk that can be found at your company but not at your competitors. Additional content ideas include:

  • A day in the life of: Create posts in which your employees walk the reader through their usual day at work. Include photos to make it even easier for candidates to picture themselves in your office.
  • Career success stories: Have an employee tell the story of their career path at your company. This shows job seekers that yours is an organization where they can advance their career and grow as professionals.
  • Diversity posts: Use your career blog to bring diversity in your workplace to life. Be honest and genuine as you present employees’ real-life stories and experiences.
  • Employer awards: Has your company won any kind of Best Employer or Best Places to Work awards in recent years? Your blog is the perfect place to announce them and toot your own horn a bit. As you do so, don’t forget to credit and thank your employees for your success.
  • Quizzes: Short quizzes can add a fun, interactive element to your blog posts.
  • Features on cool projects: Write about innovative, interesting and cool projects under way at your company. Highlight the latest technology being used and bring various professionals into the spotlight. This is a great way to grab the attention of top industry experts.
  • Career tips: Your blog content doesn’t always have to focus exclusively on your company. Offer useful tips and advice for career advancement. This can be especially helpful for recent graduates and younger professionals.

Target your posts to your desired audience.

As you craft blog content, keep your target candidates in mind and make it as specific as possible. Also:

  • Use keywords in your titles, title tags, URL, meta description and subheadings, as well as body content.
  • Boost your content quality and credibility with links.
  • Publish regularly. Twice a month is a good goal to start with as you aim to boost organic SEO traffic.

Think about how and why candidates search. Then, optimize your posts around those ideas. Done right, your career blog can be another powerful tool in your recruitment marketing arsenal.

Looking to Improve Your Content Marketing?

As you build your career website through blogging and other techniques, consider working with the recruitment experts at Haley Marketing. We’ll zero in on this and the other pillars of recruitment marketing – social recruiting, employment branding and job ads and distribution – to help lower your costs per application, attract better candidates, and optimize your ROI. Contact us today to set up a free, 30-minute focus call.


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