Too Much Budget for Your Sponsored Jobs? Yes – It’s Possible. Here’s How We Solved the Problem


Too Much Budget for Your Sponsored Jobs? Yes – It’s Possible. Here’s How We Solved the Problem

The Challenge:

This security company hires security officers across several states, constantly trying to fill open orders for client needs. With a hyper competitive candidate market and challenging jobs to fill at lower wages, it can be easy to overspend and do whatever it takes to collect applications.

However, overpaying for clicks and applies doesn’t help in the long run. It can drive applications but it’s not sustainable. So, what do you do?

The Solution:

The first step is to collect the data.

On their own, this company was spending $3.27/click. That’s a LOT of money for a company trying to fill jobs paying $15 to $20/hour.

In looking at the data, it showed too much money allocated for each job. What does that mean? How is that even possible?!

There are a finite number of candidates searching for your jobs. Knowing that, it doesn’t always work to throw MORE money at the budget if it’s the SAME amount of jobs. All that can do is increase costs by paying more for the same candidate.

The security company wanted to be aggressive on their jobs with an aggressive amount of money on the jobs, but the metrics show they were just overpaying for candidates.

What did we do?

To get better results, we actually INCREASED the amount of jobs for the budget. Instead of sponsoring 50 jobs at a time with a $10,000 budget, we got really aggressive and sponsored 100+ jobs, then 200+ jobs and kept pushing the envelope as far as it could go.

The jobs-to-budget ratio was off, and once we fixed that, the results greatly improved.

The Results:

We went from sponsoring 30 to 50 jobs at a time to 150-300+ jobs. The results showed there was too much money allocated per job.

  • On their own: $3.27/click
  • Month 1: $1.10 CPC
  • Month 2: $0.52 CPC
  • Month 3: $0.55 CPC
  • Months 4-6: $0.31 CPC

After the first month, the CPC decreased by 53 percent and by the second quarter, the CPC decreased by 72 percent.

Yes, it’s counterintuitive to sponsor MORE Jobs with the SAME budget, but it works. Trust us!

It’s tough to know when to increase or decrease budget. It’s tough to know when to increase or decrease the job budget. It’s important to have the right partnership with a company ready to help you make the right decision to meet your business goals.

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