How Can You Show Your Employee Stories on Your Career Site?


How Can You Show Your Employee Stories on Your Career Site?

Employee stories can be highly effective as a recruitment marketing tool because they bring your company to life in the eyes of job candidates and help them determine if working for you would fit well with their lives. There are a number of ways to leverage employees to tell the story of your company and its culture, values and impact.

How to Write Best-Selling Employee Stories

Where are your best employee stories? Who are your storytellers? And how do you get started on crafting these pieces?

  • You may be able to repurpose existing content. For instance, have you told an employee story via a blog post, which may be converted into a video?
  • Think about “day in the life” videos that showcase different employees and their roles. Showcase their personalities and professionalism, as well as how you made a difference by giving them the start or career advancement opportunity they needed. This is a great way to attract like-minded people to your organization.
  • Leverage your top talent and showcase the best stories they have to tell. Research has shown that candidates trust company employees three times as much as employers.

Tell stories of:

  • Company core values: They mean a lot to your company, but they may not resonate with candidates – unless there’s an authentic story attached. There are a number of ways to spotlight core values. For instance, if one or yours is teamwork, ask an employee to describe a time when a teammate put aside ego and came through for the entire group to meet a deadline.
  • Why an employee chose your company: Making a career change is a big decision. Having an employee share why they came to work for you – or have chosen to stay there – can be the deciding factor for a candidate making a similar change themselves.
  • Career growth opportunities at your company: Illustrate the internal mobility that an employee has enjoyed as a way of emphasizing career progression options that come with joining your team. Employees can tell the story of their own successful experiences in this regard; for example, a time when they were challenged to stretch and grow their skillset or a new technical skill they have mastered as part of their job training.
  • The positive impact your company has on its customers, your industry, your community, or society as a whole: People want to do work that matters. Having an employee talk passionately about how they truly connect to their work and feel they’re part of improving other people’s lives by being on your team can inspire other great candidates to follow.

Haley Marketing can help you design your career site strategy and create, share and leverage employee stories to drive talent engagement and increase applications for your open positions. Contact us today for ideas on this and on how to improve all the aspects of your successful recruitment marketing plans.

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