How Can Your Employer Brand Respond to Burnout?


How Can Your Employer Brand Respond to Burnout?

The time is now to fine tune your employer brand – your “talent” or “people” brand – for 2022. A key part of your employee value proposition, your employer brand is essentially what you communicate as your identity to current and potential employees. In doing so, your goal is to enhance their experience as part of your team, strengthen your company culture, attract and retain staff, and mitigate the burnout that has been a fallout of the global pandemic.

Keep It Fresh in 2022

Think about how you can widen the impact of your employer brand in the new year. Optimize its effectiveness with both internal and external audiences.

  • Approach company leaders to brainstorm ways to build your brand and awareness to it. This goes well beyond the walls of your HR department or C suite. Talk to managers and stakeholders in every department and functional area. Find out what needs to change, be enhanced, or be eliminated all together based on the developments and climate of the past 20 months.
  • Make data based-decisions. Use relevant data to determine which aspects of your brand need work. Then, you can define your tactics, approach and necessary resources to make it happen.

About That Burnout

During every month from April through August of this year, at least 2.5 percent of Americans have quit their jobs – more than 4.2 million in August alone. While it’s always been extremely important, never before has it been so crucial to focus on keeping your employees happy. This means tackling the combination of stress, exhaustion and negativity that has shrouded over so many people throughout the pandemic.

  • According to a recent McKinsey & Co. report, 43 percent of U.S. women and 35 percent of U.S. men said they have felt burned out this year.

Since March 2020, constantly shifting circumstances have made life unpredictable and difficult for many. So, as you plan for the new year, you likely need to develop new experiences that meet the needs of remote and/or hybrid workers, or address those who must remain front-line with the public, such as healthcare, hospitality and retail employees. Remember, their new normal is your new normal when it comes to growing your company.

  • Be ready to pivot. If nothing else has been learned from Covid-19 and its collateral damage, it’s that things can change dramatically – overnight or even more quickly. Stay on the pulse of your employees as they, and you, continue to navigate this landscape. Allow for maximum flexibility in all your thought processes, policies and procedures going forward.

It is been quite a ride throughout most of 2020 and all of 2021 to date. Burnout avoidance, work/life balance, and stability in general have taken huge hits. But with the right branding plan, you can feel confident that your organization is ready for whatever challenges 2022 hands you.

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