The Power of Diversity and Inclusion on Social Media


The Power of Diversity and Inclusion on Social Media

Social media are significant tools to enhance your organization’s diversity and inclusion initiatives. Various platforms can be used both internally, to keep the focus strong within your workplace, and externally, to attract more diverse candidates.

The Advantages to Your Business

You’re probably already aware of the business benefits of attracting a diverse workforce, such as increased loyalty, innovation, and financial improvement. Companies who authentically carry out efforts to engage employees of diverse backgrounds reap consistent, solid rewards.

  • Your D&I efforts might include creating employee resource groups to provide opportunities for team members who are in a minority with chances to connect, learn, share, and support one another. Social media have immense potential as means of rallying people together and showcasing your D&I culture.
  • Train your employees in the best use of social media. Have your recruiters and brand ambassadors join relevant groups on LinkedIn, and attend events that focus on diversity and inclusion. For example, you may want to sponsor a panel on women in a specific area of management, then create a landing page where people can come to the panel discussion and while they’re there, meet some of your female company leaders.
  • Work with social media sites on the best ways to find desired talent. Some sites offer analytics to help you understand the demographics of the audiences you want to reach. For instance, LinkedIn offers tools to help identify diversity of job seekers, including search terms and keywords that pop up frequently.
  • Train your recruiters to be aware of D&I clues. Social media profiles may reveal information about who belongs to and/or supports underrepresented groups.
  • Spread the message about your culture of inclusion. Share relevant blog posts, articles and other content.

Social Media Helps with Unbiased Recruiting

No matter how dedicated your efforts, unconscious bias may worm its way in to your hiring decisions. An effective way to avoid this is to tap into the powers of social media recruitment marketing.

  • Social media helps eliminate biased targeting. When it comes to paid ads, there are numerous social media policies that prevent biased targeting based on such personal attributes as age, race, gender and more. Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn all have robust policies to erase any such discrimination.
  • At the same time, advertising on social media helps you reach a larger number of diverse candidates. The further you expand your reach, the more diverse job seekers you’re able to attract as they flip through their feeds.

The best recruitment advertising is unbiased, inclusive, and able to leverage the latest innovations, starting with those in social media. To learn more about the best strategies and tactics for your company, contact the recruitment marketing team at Haley Marketing today.


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