3 Ways to Use Video to Help Your Recruiting


3 Ways to Use Video to Help Your Recruiting

Is it time to kick your employer brand up a notch and enhance the quality of talent you’re attracting to your open jobs?

If you’re not using video to help convert desired candidates into your next great hires, you’re behind the curve – and most likely the competition, as well. Studies have shown that most people prefer video content to simply reading – and are more likely to remember a message they received via video than one they have read.

Here are three ways to build videos into your successful recruiting methods:

Showcase videos on your career site.

When candidates visit your career site, they’re looking for ways to learn more about what it’s really like to work for your company. What better way to bring the scene to life than with video?

  • Showcase your culture, provide employee testimonials, and give insight into day-to-day job responsibilities and the work environment. Display your most impressive processes and technology. Communicate a genuine representation of your people and work style. Then, job seekers can determine whether it’s right for them. How can you highlight different personas and personalities from your organization? Look at the videos through the lens of a jobseeker and not just your lens as a staffing company owner or recruiter.
  • Give an authentic look into your company through videos of employees collaborating and socializing. Consider including animation and fun, interactive elements. A great start is asking current employees, “What’s your favorite thing about working here?” Candidates will come to your company for the pay and benefits, but they will stay because of the culture. Start that relationship during the job search process.

Incorporate videos into your job postings.

Embed videos into your job ads to effectively communicate your company’s expectations. An ideal video portrays “a day in the life” around a specific role, resonating with candidates and compelling them to apply if they identify a good fit.

  • Videos also help increase your SEO. Job postings that include video are more likely to show up in a job seeker’s search results than those that do not. The technical reason is because videos lead to a longer “time on page.” If someone is consuming a 30-second or 60-second video, they are spending more time on your page.
  • Video content is more enjoyable and engaging than text. According to a CareerBuilder study, postings with video icons were viewed 12 percent more often and had a 34 percent higher application rate than written content.

Share videos across your social channels.

Use videos to expand your recruiting reach across multiple social networks. Share them via not only LinkedIn, but also YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and more. Most platforms allow you to embed videos from other channels. Just be sure to tailor them to each platform’s specifications to make your content look its best.

  • Static content and photos don’t cut it in today’s talent marketplace. Videos, on the other hand, are great storytellers. They attract attention, grab viewers, engage, entertain, and most importantly, can be the inspiration a candidate needs to apply for a job.
  • Add captions to the videos. A lot of people consume social media without headphones or in a location where they can’t listen to the sound. By adding captions to your videos, that increases the likelihood for consumption of the video and provides a better experience for your social media visitors.

Videos impact a number of pillars of recruitment marketing, actually touching on all four pillars – career sites, job advertising, social recruiting, and employer branding. The team at Haley Marketing would love to analyze your recruitment marketing, providing feedback on all four pillars and suggesting ways that video would be an effective option. Contact our team today to learn more on how we can help!

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