3 Unique Audiences to Feature on Your Career Site


3 Unique Audiences to Feature on Your Career Site

You already know the importance of your career site in attracting desired talent. As a recruitment tool, it’s crucial to reach the right candidates. But to truly optimize its value, you cannot disregard three key audiences in today’s job marketplace: students, military veterans, and those from underrepresented segments of the population. Targeting your message to them not only makes good business sense and helps improve your bottom line, but it also enhances your employer’s image. And, it’s the right thing to do.

Diversity: Show how well your workforce represents the world we live in.

Talk about diversity and inclusion upfront on your career site. Express your commitment to maintaining a workplace and culture that embrace team members of all ages, ethnicities, genders, identities, sexual orientations, and abilities.

  • Showcase various affinity groups within your organization, including those focused on ethnic, gender, and social initiatives.
  • Include images and videos showcasing diverse employees, as well as their comments about why they enjoy working at your company.
  • Highlight your mission statement regarding your diversity hiring initiatives and how they resonate with people.
  • Check out AdidasJoin Our Diverse Team message and a similar approach by Groupon.

Students: Effectively reach recent and soon-to-be grads.

College student bodies are not limited to millennials and younger age groups, but they do comprise a significant percentage of most campus rosters. A recent study on how to attract the best college talent, reported in the Harvard Business Review, asked some key questions of millennials, including what they looked for in employers and where they heard about companies.

  • The most sought-after trait in a potential employer was “people and cultural fit.” Use your career site to show students you can give them what they’re looking for in a workplace. Because if they don’t see this information front and center, they won’t hesitate to click and go elsewhere.
  • Where do millennials hear about prospective employers? The number-one response was: from friends. Feature your current interns and recent collegiate or trade school hires on your career site, so their peers recognize and relate to them.

The Military: Build a sustainable and scalable veteran hiring initiative.

Focus on values as you target current and former members of the military via your career site. Highlight your need for strong leadership and people skills, and attention to detail. Use language that speaks to a strong sense of team and collaboration.

  • Clearly communicate your company’s “why.” What mission do you serve? How does your company culture support this? When you articulate the greater purpose of your company, vets will see the appeal.
  • Beyond simply posting your mission statement, show the ways your company turns it into action through how you operate, interact in the community, and support your employees. You may want to further customize your approach with a Veterans: Apply Here link to tailored information and marketing materials.

The Recruitment Marketing team at Haley Marketing specializes in developing career sites tailored to our clients’ unique needs and business priorities. Let us help you build a career site that shines as you tell your company story, attract both active and passive candidates, and drive more applications. Contact us today to learn more.

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