What Can a Chatbot Do for Your Career Site?


What Can a Chatbot Do for Your Career Site?

The candidate experience starts with your career site. To stay on pace with today’s talent and how they communicate, you’ll quickly fall behind unless you make the most of technology to stay in touch. This includes deploying the most effective chatbot to answer questions, gather information, and deliver a fully personalized experience in the conversational way that a growing number of candidates prefer.

Chatbots have become much more advanced in recent years, as natural language processing – the means by which computers understand and interpret human language – continues to improve. When people interact with artificial intelligence, natural language processing is important for creating a positive interaction. A chatbot needs to understand what people are saying, in order to respond properly.

Improve the Experience

Candidates want a hiring experience that includes a balanced mix of technology and human interaction. You can use chatbots for repeatable, automatable interactions, enabling recruiters to engage with the best talent in more high-value ways.

  • In a recent study, 92 percent of job seekers noted that the most significant advantage to chatbots was the speed of their responses. One of the most effective steps to enhance your hiring process is mitigating wasted time. Often, candidates spend countless hours applying for a single position. To make matters worse, not getting a prompt response from an employer shows a lack of respect for all that time. This won’t cut it if you intend to win the talent war.

Keep Communication Lines Open

Through chatbot functionality, candidates can contact your organization and get a response around the clock. If a question about your company or its policies, benefits, or culture stumps a chatbot, it can then turn to a human recruiter.

On the flip side, a lack of communication can make candidates feel dehumanized and fatigued, and leave them with a negative view of your organization. Here’s where you lose them … plus, it gets worse.

Lighten the Load for Your Recruiters

A chatbot can take on a number of routine, time-consuming tasks, allowing the recruiter to spend valuable time with the strongest candidates. These include gathering basic data, pre-qualifying applicants, and scheduling interviews, to name just a few.

  • Many bots can seamlessly integrate with a recruiting team’s work calendar, allowing both recruiters and candidates to save an immense amount of time, as they don’t have to play phone tag. Recruiters don’t have to sift through as many resumes, and candidates don’t have to fill out as many lengthy or repetitive forms.

Get More Out of Your Career Site

Is your career site fresh, up to date, and truly in touch with the candidates you’re seeking? The Haley Marketing Recruitment Marketing team can help ensure that the four pillars of your successful recruitment marketing strategy – job advertising, social recruiting, and employer branding, along with your site – can all pass this test. Our mission is simple: we’ll do everything it takes to get the right people to apply for your open jobs. Contact us today to learn more.


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