Facebook Groups: The Secret to Finding Job Candidates

Facebook Groups: The Secret to Finding Job Candidates

Traditionally, LinkedIn has been the social network of choice for professional purposes and Facebook has been the more popular option for personal use. However, in recent years, this perception has shifted. While LinkedIn remains strong, according to at least one study, Facebook has gained the number-one spot among high-level business people.

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Why this shift? Experts credit a number of contributing factors, including Facebook’s expanded work and education sections and tech improvements such as better live video features.

Optimal use of social media is one of the key pillars of your successful recruitment marketing strategy – and Facebook should be leading your list of venues for attracting and retaining top talent. As you do so, one of the best ways to target the specific candidates you want and need is via Facebook Groups.

There are more than 640 million Facebook Groups: places on the social network for friends, contacts, and people with similar interests to share information. They provide arenas for organic discussion about products and services, including job opportunities. With so many to choose from, there are multiple groups you can leverage to promote your open positions, as well as cultivate awareness of your brand. Here are a few options to get your thought process started:

  • Focus on Local Groups: Are you an industrial staffing company in Tulsa, Oklahoma? Search for groups that focus on “Tulsa Jobs” or “Oklahoma Warehouse Jobs” and see what type of results you get. Those are Facebook users in your local geographic market that want to engage with your open jobs and content.
  • Focus on Industry Groups: Trying to find the registered nurses that everyone is recruiting right now? Head to Facebook and search for RN groups or “Healthcare Jobs” groups. Better yet, if you can combine local and industry groups, that’s a fantastic combination to help your recruiting.

Once you find the groups – share your content! The best strategy might not be to just start sharing your jobs the second you get approval into a closed group, or right after you join an open group. They’ve let you into their community and the first thing you do is to start selling? Not the best impression to make with your new group members. Provide value. Share blogs. Post a video. Then, once you’ve gained some trust and value in the group, go for your ask and share jobs.

The bottom line when it comes to recruitment marketing is sharing the right content in places where your audience spends time, so you can find better candidates, achieve faster fill rates, and lower your costs. For a growing number of businesses, Facebook Groups are just the ticket.

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