Which Imagery Should Appear on Your Career Site?


Which Imagery Should Appear on Your Career Site?

Your career site is your storefront. If a candidate lands there, it’s like a customer has walked in the door. It’s a great start, but you still need them to select your product – and buy it. To help close the sale, your site needs clear, relevant imagery that’s just as compelling as written content and gives candidates the answer they’re looking for to the “why should I work here?” question.

Today’s Landscape

The right imagery on your career site helps ensure that your message is current, helpful, and reassuring as the landscape continues to shift with Covid-19 developments that impact both work and life. Photos and videos are a great venue for conveying safety, empathy, and compassion.

  • Make people feel safe coming to work for you. Emphasize employees wearing PPE, maintaining social distancing, sanitizing their workplace, and reaching out to help others. If you employ front-line workers, it’s a natural. But you can tell this story in any setting.

Convince People to Work for You

Showcase your team and talent as you nurture relationships with job seekers. Use your site to sell your brand, so it resonates with desired candidates. Provide a look inside life at your workplace, as well as benefits and employee activities, including your latest virtual innovations.

  • How have you pivoted in light of the pandemic? Emphasize flexible scheduling and remote working, interviewing, and hiring. Strong photos and short video testimonials can go a long way.
  • Show potential hires how they would fit in. For instance, how might someone from a different industry, who may not initially see themselves at your company, spot a place that gives them that “aha moment?”
  • Share your values. Community service always resonates, but especially now. What is your company doing to support not only its own employees but those most in need? A picture really can be worth a thousand words.

In a nutshell, opt for imagery that offers insight into what your company does, who works there, and why they love what they do. Because when a job seeker reaches your career site, you’ve won a battle. But to win the talent war, you need to keep them engaged.

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