How to Showcase Your Amazing Employee Testimonials


How to Showcase Your Amazing Employee Testimonials

One of the best recruiting tactics involves employee testimonials. Similar to how we make consumer purchases by researching product reviews left by people we’ve never met before, the same practice carries over to the recruiting process. Interested job candidates conduct the same research on your company, including research on your employee reviews.

You can’t directly control what people say about your company on Google, Indeed, Glassdoor, Facebook, etc. (other than treating them awesome and hoping they share that experience publicly), but you can control the impression people have of your company on a variety of other outlets.

Here are five ways to showcase your amazing employee testimonials and make your company become viewed as a best place to work.

Create Testimonial Graphics

The fastest and easiest tactic involves taking the testimonials from Facebook, Google, Glassdoor, Indeed and making them into attractive graphics to display on your company’s social media profiles. Create a base template that’s branded to your company. Then, create a library of testimonials by adding the actual texts over the base template, so you can turn one template into dozens of different testimonials.

Now the content is branded to your company. The copy is specific to the reviews left by your employees. And you have a number of different graphics to rotate among your company’s social media pages to improve your own employer branding and recruitment marketing.

Create Testimonial Videos

There are two different ways to tackle this option. The first way involves static imagery. Take some photos of your team (or use stock imagery if you HAVE to) and then create a collage video. Mix in photos of your team with the graphics showcasing the candidate testimonials. A tool as simple as iMovie or Windows Movie Maker helps make the process easy. You don’t need a fully-produced video, but a collage video just like the one you made for the holiday season with your family works perfectly.

Now you can also take the video testimonials to another level but actually recording videos. Have current employees take a video of themselves that is 30-60 seconds long and shares what they love about your company. (just ask!) The power of the cameras on our mobile devices possess enough power to create a sharp HD video. Or, if you want to automate the process, a service like the Haley Marketing Video NOW program works perfectly.

With our content created (graphics and video), we need to distribute.

Distribute on Social Media

Sharing your employee testimonials on social media plays the long game with your audience. By constantly refreshing the testimonials being posted and shared about your organization, it’s going to create the impression that your company is a great place to work. Think about it – if you had 24 testimonial graphics and six testimonial videos, that’s enough content to share one time every week for half of the year.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram are three great areas to focus on for sharing employee testimonials. It’s important to share the content where your audience spends time. That’s going to be different for an industrial audience compared to accountants.

Share on Your Website

Websites are the front door to your company. You control that real estate. Find ways to showcase your testimonials. It could be through a plugin or testimonial manager where you input the testimonials through an interface and they automatically display/rotate on your website. It could be through showcasing employees through your blog once/month to highlight their impact on your company.

Think about the different places on your website where candidates spend time and post the testimonials on those pages.

Send Through Email

The last area to really consider is through your email distribution list. It’s the perfect way to stay top of mind with your database.

By sending out an email to your internal team or to your entire database that showcases a story of one of your employees, you’re staying top of mind with positive messaging and controlling the narrative your contacts have about working for your company.

Overall, consistency is key with your employee testimonials. It’s easy to get a few, but it’s challenging to keep building your library with new testimonials. Create a system that works for you and be proactive in controlling your employer brand.

And if you need some help, we are here to help! Contact the Recruitment Marketing team at Haley Marketing to see how we can help with all four pillars of recruitment marketing for your organization.

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