Case Study: 131 Percent Increase in Applications for Hospital Staffing and Job Board Spend Went Down?


Case Study: 131 Percent Increase in Applications for Hospital Staffing and Job Board Spend Went Down?

The Challenge:

Healthcare staffing presents numerous challenges just on the clinical side. But this healthcare staffing agency in California fills open job orders on the clinical side and the non-clinical side.

Managing that recruitment budget on job boards becomes time-consuming. It requires different strategies and tactics for a registered nurse job order compared to a maintenance or janitor job order.

With application totals not increasing as much as the budget was increasing, this healthcare company turned to Haley Marketing to manage its recruitment spend.

The Solution:

We looked at a number of different options and tactics to maximize the budget through programmatic software.

  1. Focus on Source Tracking: This client uses Bullhorn and has a resume parser through Daxtra. Combining that technology with the Haley Marketing job board, we are able to source track every single application.
  2. Multiple Job Boards: At the beginning of the campaign, we went from the client just using Indeed to adding in ZipRecruiter, Monster, Appcast Xcelerate and Nexxt.
  3. Creating a Priority System for Jobs: We instituted a three-level system: high, medium, and low. The high-priority jobs would get the most budget, the medium-priority jobs would get the second-most amount of budget and the low-priority jobs would get the least. The recruiting team added a priority to the job feed.

With those three areas of focus, our team delivered impressive results to meet the recruitment goals for this healthcare staffing agency.

The Results:

  • Before Haley Marketing: Averaging 379 applications/month at $3,000 with internal management
  • With Haley Marketing Managing: Averaging 876 applications/month at $2,807 ($3,510 total cost)

We knew we had to deliver applications for all priority jobs, with the most focus on the high-priority positions. By implementing source tracking with multiple job boards, we delivered an application increase of 131 percent with a job spend decrease of 6 percent. If you take into account the total management, the company’s overall cost increased by 17 percent. Overall costs increased, but the team could focus on actual recruiting. Talking to those valuable healthcare candidates as soon as they applied. Speed is vital in staffing, especially in healthcare staffing. They didn’t have to talk to job boards, manually post and remove jobs, monitor application totals. That became automated and outsourced to Haley Marketing, with superior results.

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