Case Study: 61 Percent More Applications – How Much Did We Decrease Ad Spend?


Case Study: 61 Percent More Applications – How Much Did We Decrease Ad Spend?

The Challenge:

An industrial staffing agency in northeast Ohio expressed frustration with their budget. Applications were going down and the suggestion was to ALWAYS increase budget. In trying to find material handlers, maintenance mechanics and warehouse/assembly workers, just increasing the budget doesn’t fit the business model for a lot of staffing agencies.

For industrial and warehouse staffing agencies, a consistent talent pipeline is vital to fill the never-ending job orders for clients. With that challenge in mind, our team actively managed the Indeed spend for an industrial staffing agency in Northeast Ohio, knowing their goal is to get as many applications as possible.

That’s where Haley Marketing came into play.

The Solution:

We created a recruitment advertising strategy around a quick apply process, allocating budget by industry and also by local market geography. We took their monthly budget and didn’t increase it. We allocated it better. We created a better bidding strategy. Instead of all the jobs pulling from one budget, we created “buckets” for priority jobs. That priority was based on geography and industry. Each “bucket” received its unique bidding strategy to maximize results while trying to reach recruitment goals.

The Results:

  • Before Haley Marketing: Averaging 568 applications/month at $3,500 with internal management
  • With Haley Marketing Managing: Averaging 915 applications/month at $3,021 ($3,732 total cost)


Our team knew the client’s goal of consistent applications to maintain a talent pipeline for a variety of warehouse jobs. Job board spend lowered by 13 percent while application totals increased by 61 percent. If you take into account the total management, the company’s overall cost increased by 6.6 percent. Yes, their costs increased, but also think about all of the time saved. No more manual posting of jobs. No more manual removal of jobs. No more monitoring of jobs. All of that was eliminated through technology, automation and our expertise at Haley Marketing.

Want to know more about getting more ROI from your current recruitment spend? Reach out to our recruitment marketing team here at Haley Marketing. We use technology, automation and our expertise to get more return from your job board budget.

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