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Combined Talent and Client Testimonials

We had no idea what was working with our job advertising. Every time we went back to Indeed they told us to ‘spend more, spend more,’ and we really didn’t have the time to manage it. Our applications are up 61% and our job spend has been decreased by 13%. We have drastically improved our ROI, and we don’t have to manage any of it. I recommend [programmatic] to anyone who wants to get a better handle on their job board spend and an accurate read on your ROI. It makes you a lot more flexible and keeps you nimble.

Tim Bleich, Vector Technical

American StaffCorp had quite a few ads on various digital social media sites, and we were seeing very minimal response and gains. Thanks to the team at Haley Marketing, they really helped us make some changes. They’re the digital marketing professionals; getting their input helped us see a higher return on all our social media advertising. We jumped in with some Facebook and Google recruiting tactics along with social media campaigns, all of which we measured very closely. We saw some great increases. All the team over there is very easy to work with, very creative, very responsive and they’ve been a good partner to American StaffCorp.”

Casey Lamb, American StaffCorp

Haley Marketing’s job board and programmatic advertising have been a huge help in getting our online recruiting efforts streamlined. Being able to post, archive, and update jobs in real-time and work with the Haley team to determine which jobs warrant which spend reduced the amount of money wasted on poor performing jobs. On top of that, the service is top-notch! Questions are answered quickly and helpful guidance is provided when they see it’s time for a change. Thanks Haley!

Janell O’Brien, Allied Personnel Services