Get more ROI from your job advertising

Why do staffing companies need programmatic?


Too many jobs are going unfilled…

48% of jobs get just 2% of applies!


“Easy-to-fill” jobs eat up your budget…

6% of jobs consume 45% of job advertising spend.


The cost of job advertising is SKYROCKETING…

as much as 500% in Q4 2021…ouch!


Even the best recruiter can’t outperform automation

We use software PLUS human experience to ensure your job advertising investment goes where it is most needed!

How does Haley Marketing manage your job advertising?

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Does it work?

Here are a few examples:

Light Industrial

Shifted advertising from one job board to a more efficient one.


467 more applications!

CDL Drivers

Used programmatic to divide ad spend into recruiting regions.


78% increase in weekly driver headcount!


Implemented job title testing for CNA roles.


300% more applications!

On average, we reduce the cost per application by 17% after 3 months…and 33% within 6 months!

But don’t take our word for it…

Common questions about Job Advertising Management

How does it work?

First, our recruitment marketing consultants will chat with you about your recruiting goals, focusing on the types of people you need, the volume of candidates you require, and any information you currently have about the performance of your job ads.

In the first month of service, we run your ad spend through Clickcast – the software we use to manage your ad spend. During this initial benchmarking month, your team still receives applications while we are analyzing the data to determine what improvements and optimizations need to be made.

And then the fun starts!

In month two, we start to set rules. These rules govern when, where, and how your advertising dollars get invested. The software can:

  • Set budgets and bid amounts based on your recruitment strategy (priority, geography, etc.)
  • Cap spending when a certain number of applications are received or spend limit is reached.
  • Transition spending to jobs that require more investment.
  • Allow you to A/B test job titles to see which titles perform best.
  • Create geographic expansion for jobs, so your jobs show up for more job seekers.
  • Test different job sites to see which perform best for you.

The programmatic technology automates the management of your advertising spend to get more candidates applying to more of your jobs without having to spend more on advertising.

As your advertising partner, our job is to constantly determine where and how to post your jobs at the lowest possible cost for the quality and quantity of talent you need.

What kind of results can I expect?

You will see more people applying to more of your jobs, typically at a lower cost per application.

In the first three months, 90% of our clients see a decrease in cost per application or an increase in total applications. And that’s just the beginning!

As we continue to learn more about your company, how your candidates engage with your job postings and how your jobs perform on the job boards, we are able to optimize your advertising to deliver a significantly higher return on your job advertising investment.

Why would we need a partner to manage job advertising?
  1. To get access to the software. If you wanted to license the software we use on your own, it would require a minimum monthly spend of at least $20,000. When you work with Haley Marketing, the minimum ad spend is only $2,000, and that will give you access to all the features of the programmatic job advertising management software.*
  2. It’s not just about software; optimizing ad spend also requires experience, and our team has a lot of it. We manage more than $2M a year in ad spend for our clients, and when you work with us, you’re getting the benefit of our experience…and that can save you a lot of money!
  3. We make it easy to centralize your ad spend. In many staffing companies, ad spend is distributed across all branch offices, with each office making its own decisions. This tends to lead to a lot of inefficiencies…and wasted dollars.

    As your job spend management partner, we become a central point of contact to help all your branches access the candidates they need to fill their open orders.

* Our software partner is Appcast, and they sometimes do make exceptions to the $20K minimum, so if you want to try to run Clickcast on your own, reach out to them to ask!

Is there a minimum I need to spend on job advertising?


In order to get value from programmatic software, you must be spending at least $2,000 per month on job advertising.

While you could use the software with a lower spend, there would not be enough budget to have a significant impact on your cost per candidate.

Can you work with job slots, or is it only a CPC model?

The job slots model doesn’t allow for a lot of efficiency gains. It’s challenging to set budget limits, application limits, utilize geographic expansions, and test different job titles.

With our services, we only work with CPC job board models, which is what we prefer!

Is there a long-term contract?


We do not require long-term contracts with our programmatic job spend management services. Our services are provided on a month-to-month basis, and you can cancel for any reason with 30-days’ notice (although if you are not willing to try it for at least 3 months, we don’t recommend moving forward!).

Will I lose my applications?

Absolutely not!

The LAST thing our recruitment marketing team wants is for your recruiters to lose their application flow. We know it’s the lifeblood of recruiting and hiring. Our goal in the first month is to keep everything the same and then start to show improvements beginning in the second month.

How do I receive my applications?

All applications get delivered to the recruiter’s email address associated with the job, right to their inbox!

For companies that have the Haley Marketing Career Portal, we deliver applications to the email inbox of the recruiter AND into our myHaley dashboard.

If I have brand locations, can you manage ad spend across all our offices?

You bet!

That’s actually one of the benefits of our services. We can centralize the management of your ad spend to give you more control over how your advertising dollars are invested.

Our team will work closely with your branch offices to ensure we know your recruiting priorities, and we can adjust your spending as needed to best support your offices.

What kinds of things can you test?

With programmatic, we are constantly testing to see how to improve the performance of your ad dollars. Here are the most common things we evaluate:

  • Bid amounts – how much to pay per click to get the number of candidates you need
  • Total spending per job, office, and month
  • Cost per application
  • A/B testing job titles to see which titles perform best
  • Creating geographic expansion to see if localizing jobs increases response
  • For remote jobs, we can test focusing on different markets to see where your ads perform best
How long does it take to get results?

Typically, two months.

In the first month, we benchmark your ad spend to see how it is performing.

Then, in month two, we start to set rules to see how we can improve your results. In almost all cases, we start to see applications increase and cost per apply go down in month two.

Over the next several months, we will continue to test ways to improve your advertising results. We’ll conduct various tests based on your changing hiring needs and the data we gather from managing ad spend for many other staffing companies.

Of course, because the labor market is constantly changing, programmatic job advertising management never becomes “Set it and forget it.” We continually monitor market conditions and develop new strategies to help you optimize your job advertising investment.

And the most important question…
What does it cost?

As you might expect, the answer is “it depends.”

Our fees for Programmatic Job Advertising Management vary based on your monthly ad spend.

We charge a fixed monthly fee for our services based on your total monthly spend and a variable (percentage of your spend) for software licensing.

In total, it averages about 15% of your ad spend.

And regardless of the amount of your ad spend, our services include:

  • Job advertising strategy
  • Budget management and optimization for the staffing industry
  • Programmatic software management
  • Communication with Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and all job boards
  • Job title testing and geographic expansion
  • Monthly ROI reporting

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