First Impressions Matter: Crafting an Engaging Candidate Experience

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First Impressions Matter: Crafting an Engaging Candidate Experience

Your career website is a key source of intel for candidates considering a move to your company. From your job descriptions through your application process, it’s the portal where talent decides whether they would be a good fit at your organization or should move on to their next option.

  • According to recent research, two-thirds of candidates look for new opportunities on career sites – more so than those who turn to job boards, social media, or job ads.

So, how do you optimize the potential of your site and ensure it provides a sterling experience to each candidate who visits it?

A Few Practical Tips

Basic guidelines for building an engaging, effective career site include:

  • Make it easy to navigate. Viewers won’t take the time to dig too deep to find what they’re looking for.
  • Simplify your application process. Aim for a quick, streamlined design. Ask candidates to upload resumes and cover letters and answer only a few qualifying questions before clicking Apply.
  • Make it mobile friendly. According to Glassdoor, nearly 60 percent of candidates prefer to save jobs from their mobile devices. This is a must to attract candidates and keep them from bouncing.

Examples of best practices in candidate engagement via career site strategy include Google and Hubspot.

The Power of Immersive Multimedia

When showcasing your company, brand, and culture to desired talent, immersive multimedia experiences are powerful drivers. Employee video testimonials are great attention grabbers that provide candidates with an inside look at the experiences of your current best performers. Along with powerful images, they allow candidates to understand firsthand what it would be like to be a part of your team.

Whether it’s a quote, a day-in-the-life photo, or a captivating video, employee testimonials are a compelling way to tell your story.

Put Job Simulations to Work for You

Job simulations are employment tests where candidates are charged with completing tasks that would be expected of them on the job. They gauge not only job seekers’ skills, but also help reduce hiring bias and provide deeper insights into prospects’ personalities, work styles, and behaviors.

  • Job simulations directly test skills relevant to the job, in the setting in which they’ll be used. You can customize online work sims to focus on whatever aspects of a hire you deem most important. You can see how a person responds to the actual role, providing you unparalleled insight into their capabilities.
  • Job simulations coupled with a blind application process can help prevent unconscious bias from creeping into your hiring process. You accomplish this by assessing the data-driven results of job sims, unlinked to any names or images of applicants.

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